Hi! I’m Vesna - designer and maker behind VanGal Jewelry, creative nerd, and lover of all things handmade; always striving to  make you look and feel exceptional. Combining traditional designs with a touch of modern elegance, I create one of a kind pieces and small batch exclusive collections. 

Born in Belgrade, Serbia, I moved to the US in 2006. Before settling in the US, I also lived in Iran, Russia, Malta, Netherlands, and Thailand.

Van Gal Jewelry is a one-woman owned and run business that started at my dining room table, with beaded jewelry. I quickly progressed to working with metal, and haven't stopped since.

Designing and creating jewelry is my place of refuge. Every new creation is a new exciting opportunity and challenge that makes me want to learn more, teaches me patience, brings me joy, and gives me a sense of calm and oneness. Most importantly, it lets me be who I am, and, I  hope that wearing one of my creations brings that same feeling to you.

I create my jewelry using simple hand tools. No mass production or machinery, and no casting. Using sterling, fine or argentium silver, ethically sourced in the US, I fabricate each piece by hand, from scratch. Follow me on Instagram to see the procces.

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